Journey to Dementia Land

A Sudden Left Turn and You are On a Journey to Dementia Land

Thank you for joining us in Dementia Land as we all walk side by side and share our journey together. 

Road Map

No one wants to end up in Dementia Land but I can provide a road map for to ease your way. Let me help you avoid some of the dead ends and wrong turns that I encountered when I traveled the road with my mother as we struggled first with our denial and all the way through to the end of her journey.

So many signals and symptoms of her dementia we tried to explain away. Dad was the only one who seemed to realize that “Something’s wrong with Mom in the head”. After a lot of banging our own heads against the wall, we had to accept that Dad was right. Something was wrong with Mom and we learned it was Alzheimer's.

That was just the beginning. Learning the name was one thing, learning what Alzheimers is and how to live with it is something else! The Journey to Dementia Land is full of surprises and rough spots, but it is not always gloomy.You might even encounter some scenic view and some peaceful rest stops along the way!


One the integral parts of Dementia is social isolation, but YOU are not alone. Millions of people have dementia and the lucky ones of those millions have caretakers like you.

Journey to Dementia Land (JTDL) can help you find the support that you need to make this journey with your loved one suffering from dementia, whatever the cause. In addition to our Facebook Support Group, look forward to membership in private (JTDL) support forums. Connect with other Dementia and Alzheimer caregivers, near and far to gain inspiration, courage, tips, patience and a good laugh just when you need it.

You may also find that shoulder to lean on when you need it too. The most important thing to remember is you are not alone. Others have walked this journey before you and others are walking this journey now who want to offer their support to YOU


Here you will find information about Dementia in plain English, that is easy to understand. In addition, you will also learn the basic medical terms you need to talk with your loved one's health care team. Journey to Dementia Land is a place to hear about peoples' own stories about really worked for them and the things that didn't.

Just wait until you see Faith Marshall's upcoming books and videos! We understand that people learn in different ways so some resources about Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease will be available in writing: others in podcasts or videos.

All are welcome here!

Remember those who can no longer remember

Honor Your Loved Ones With Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Light a candle to honor your loved ones who are living with Dementia & Alzheimer’s or to remember those that have passed on.

hundreds of candles flickering to spread awareness about dementia

Will you please join us and light a candle to spread the word about Dementia and to honor your loved one?